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Community Wide PSA
ladyphantomhive wrote in lpscanlations
It seems that our warnings and rules are in limbo at the moment, this is just a note to anyone coming new or old that we do not allow reposting of our works (aside using the official link to the journal post) anywhere, not youtube, tumblr or any other sharing method other than our own page. We thank you very much for your continued understanding while we go through the transition!

Edit: Covers so that you can place a link to the community are fine, the interior is not! We appreciate people spreading the word about LPS :3.

o3ob Alrighty, admins almighty.

Just a question, but would it be okay to talk about the release on tumblr? Not providing download links or anything, just showing the cover of the doujinshi and maybe sharing the summary? I used to do that a lot, and I've started up a new blog where I sometimes talk about my favorite doujinshi/doujinka, and I'd like to be able to share cover art. I wouldn't mention who released it (unless you'd want me to?) or provide links or whatever, more so just providing my reaction to reading it and so on.

Hello! You can go as far as to even include a link to our community! We thank you for the publicity just ask that you don't post any interior pages. ^^ Thanks for spreading the joy!

noted dearest admin~ <3